XMONDO Color Education

We believe in pushing the boundaries of innovation to bring you the next generation of hair color products that not only deposit intensely pigmented semi-permanent color, but also prioritize the health and integrity of your hair.

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What Sets Us Apart

XMONDO Color is the semi permanent color that does it all:

  • Transforms hair with high quality, vibrant pigments
  • Boosts bonds for healthier looking hair
  • Elevates hair with next-level, lasting shine
  • Infuses hair with ultimate hydration 

And that's not all; we know life can be busy, and hair transformations should be effortless. XMONDO Color offers a formula that is simple, quick, and easy to use. No complicated processes, just stunning results.

The Science Behind XMONDO Color

With each color application, your hair receives a boost of moisturizing nourishment that promotes revitalized strands and improved manageability.

Our formula is ahead of the curve, offering a multi-faceted approach that goes beyond just coloring. By combining vegan bond-boosting technology with other nourishing ingredients, XMONDO Color is designed to visibly improve damaged and lackluster hair.

Hair bonds hold the hair shaft together and play a crucial role in the strength and resilience of your hair. Over time, factors like heat styling, chemical treatments, and environmental stressors can impact these bonds. The bond boosters in XMONDO Color help to support the hair’s structural integrity, leaving it looking and feeling healthier with each color application.


Will XMONDO Color damage my hair?

XMONDO Colors are deposit only meaning that they simply coat your strands with pigment and will fade with washing. Our colors are free of harsh chemicals, ammonia, and peroxide. They contain bond booster, proteins and oils to help nourish and repair your hair as you color it. Essentially, they are a semi-permanent color combined with a conditioning and rejuvenating hair mask.

How long will my XMONDO Color last?

XMONDO Color is semi permanent and does fade with washing. Results will vary between people based on a number of factors such as:

  • Starting hair level: bleached hair retains color longer than unprocessed hair
  • Hair porosity: extremely porous hair may require additional color applications
  • The shampoo you use: make sure to use a sulfate & paraben free, color saving shampoo and conditioner like Polychrome Color Extending Shampoo and Conditioner
  • How often you shampoo: shampooing is the leading cause of color fading, try to extend the time between washes by using dry shampoo
  • Air dry versus blow dry: blow drying your hair after washing will help seal in color molecules
  • Sun/water exposure: the sun and water fade color so try to limit exposure
  • Type of styling products you use: try to avoid high alcohol content products that can cause color fading, such as hairsprays and quick dry products
  • Styling with high temperatures (irons): extremely high heat can cause color fading. Try to keep the heat at a lower temperature and always use a heat protectant
  • Hair health: Another big factor is the starting health of your hair prior to coloring with XMONDO. The more dry or damaged your hair is the more the color will take because of the cuticle being more open than healthy hair.

Due to the several factors listed above we cannot give you a specific time frame on how long your color will last.

What are the best ways to maintain my color?

The Power of Prep: Remember - the lighter your hair level, the bolder & brighter the results. Pre-lighten your hair for maximum vibrancy. We also recommend clarifying before coloring to remove excess buildup. Project X Detox Shampoo is designed to provide a deep cleanse to remove buildup and free radicals. This super cleansing formula will leave your hair clean and refreshed.

Customize Your Color: Feeling creative? Try mixing & matching colors to create your dream hue.

Skip Daily Washes: Extend your color's life by skipping frequent washes.

Stay Cool: Avoid using hot water when showering. Cold water keeps the hair cuticles closed and prevents the color from running and fading too soon. 

Keep Your Color Safe: Opt for color-safe shampoos and conditioners. All XMONDO products are color safe but if you want to take it up a notch, try Polychrome Color Extending Shampoo & Conditioner - designed to prolong the life of your color by sealing it in at a molecular level.

UV Protection: Shield your hair from the sun's rays by wearing a hat or using UV-protective products. Sun exposure can cause color to fade faster. Try Viper Smoothing Oil for silky-smooth hair + UV protection.

Avoid Heat Overload: Limit the use of hot tools like curlers or straighteners, as excessive heat can cause color to fade quickly. Don't forget to use heat protection! Forcefield Heat Shield provides heat protection up to 500° F.

Seal & Shine: Try using Super Gloss Intensive Glossing Treatment to assist in sealing in your color, increasing vibrancy, and adding shine to the hair. We recommend waiting at least 3 days after coloring.

Minimize Bleeding: Semi-permanent dyes (like XMONDO Color), especially bright colors, are prone to bleeding. This is because they only coat the outside of the hair shaft, making them more susceptible to washing out and bleeding compared to permanent dyes, which penetrate deeper into the hair. To help minimize bleeding or color transfer, we recommend limiting the time your hair is exposed to water and blow-drying your hair after washing, as this can help set the color and prevent excessive transfer.

Do I need to pre lighten my hair to use XMONDO Color?

XMONDO Color is a deposit only color. Please review our swatch guides on each color's webpage to see the amount of color that will show up on your natural hair. In order to achieve maximum vibrancy, your hair will need to be blonde or prelightened. Non-lightened, virgin hair often tends to have a compact cuticle. Because semi permanent color only lives on the outside of the cuticle, results may not last as long and may require an additional application for longevity.